Welcome to the Center School Library!

All students visit the Center School Library once a week, students are encourage to check out a book/books weekly. Books are due the following week.


Kindergarten –
Kindergarten students are loving their time in the library.  They have learned how to use the library, care for library books and now are looking for books and sharing their finds with their peers.  Meanwhile, our conversations are about parts of a book and authors & illustrators.

Grade 1 –
First Grade students are off to a great start! After a review of how to use the library and care for books, we quickly moved on to being part of a community and “monster” books. We will be discussing genres and finding a “just right” book soon.

Grades 2, 3 and 4 –
Book Clubs have begun!  After reviewing the library rules and procedures, we discussed the importance of books and libraries. Learning how to participate in a book club has been the discussion of late and book club meetings have started.  Grade 2 students are participating in the first book clubs together as a class and will start choosing and participating on their own during the next book club set!